It starts with evidence

Here at Evidos, we have a passion for digital authentication solutions. We believe that they are crucial for the successful digital transformation of business processes and the introduction of new business models. Each innovative idea gives rise to the question of who is on the other end of the line and also whether the idea in question is legally valid. Since starting Evidos in 2008, its founders – Kick Willemse and Zivko Lazarov – have had the same object in mind: to make sure that everyone is able to do business online safely, easily and in a legally valid manner. Evidos commits itself to this object each and every day. It starts with evidence.

Catalyst for innovation

In many innovation projects, organisations only think about the evidential value required at the very last minute. This is a shame, because the solutions that Evidos has to offer are a catalyst for innovation in the start-up phase. It is important to consider the question of how you will introduce the appropriate evidential value right from the very start; will it be permitted by the legislator and supervisory authority, what impact will it have on the client experience and – last but not least – is it safe and reliable? It starts with evidence.

A great start for everyone: companies and end users

Given the identification and digital signature solutions we offer, we are often directly involved in the steps that our end users need to take to get off to a great start. Our products make life-changing moments possible and that’s something that we are very proud of! Whether it’s a loan for a camper van, the birth of a child, the purchase of a house: it all starts with the right evidence.

Indentifications digital signiture

Practise what you preach

Here at Evidos, we strive to ensure the optimal safety and reliability of our products and services. This reliability needs to be proved continually and that starts with us. Our employees are very aware of this and are passionate about ensuring this is the case each and every day. It starts with evidence.

Society: that’s us

Our products and services are intrinsically sustainable and reduce paper waste and the amount of traffic on the roads by enabling clients to do business remotely. Our aim is to make a long-term contribution to society and we also very consciously develop sustainable relationships with our clients and suppliers. However, we want to be socially relevant in a broader sense too. We are doing our bit to ensure the achievement of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and are always trying to make our business just that little more sustainable. We encourage local initiatives and seek to motivates employees, clients and partners to contribute as well. Because sustainability starts with evidence too. See here the steps we are taking to try to continually improve the sustainability of our organisation.


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