Reap the rewards of a valuable partnership with Evidos

Together, we guarantee the best solutions, whatever your field

Evidos collaborates with several high-quality software providers, which allows us to provide any business in any field or industry with excellent and personalised services. Partnering with Evidos benefits both your own business and that of your clients.

Future-proof identification and signing out of the box

As an Evidos partner, you can offer your clients an easy and reliable way to identify users and have documents signed electronically. Our flexible solutions support many existing and new electronic identification and signature methods.

Our solutions are directly available to your clients as well as to your own business. The Evidos platform ensures continuity and scalability, allowing you to serve even your largest clients easily.


Easily linked and connected to your system through our API

The Evidos platform can be linked to your system through our API in three different ways: directly through your own website, through a simple link in an email or text message sent by your organisation or through a signature or identification request we send to your client or new employee by email.

Reliable and independent market leader

Evidos is the market leader in the field of electronic signatures and electronic identification. Clients will be more likely to seek a partnership with you if they can make use of one of our links. Through our platform, we are able to add new features in a flexible way, independently of other Dutch or international parties. Evidos meets all the requirements of an international electronic identification and signature provider.

domestic use
third parties

Get started quickly, easily and for free

Evidos offers an easy-to-use, well-documented API that you as a partner can integrate straight away. Evidos offers a free API account, testing credits and technical specialists to help you with the integration.

Flexible partnership model

Evidos uses a flexible partnership model. You may opt to purchase services from Evidos, enter into an agreement with us and invoice your clients yourself. Alternatively, you may choose to refer clients to Evidos, which will then enter into agreements with the clients directly.

third parties
domestic use

Joint marketing and growth

Together with our partners, we organise events at our office to celebrate joint successes and exchange knowledge, which allows both parties to grow. We also like to put our partners in the spotlight through media communications or case studies. Among other things, we serve as your knowledge partner to explain the value of electronic authentication to your existing clients and help you in your search for prospective clients.

If you would like to learn more about the Evidos integration possibilities, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.