Having financial agreements signed electronically

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Having financial agreements signed electronically

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Having financial documents signed: know your customer

When you work in the financial industry, it is vital that you know exactly who you’re dealing with. Ensuring that your financial transactions are properly protected against fraud is crucial. At the same time, your clients want the signing of your financial contracts to be a quick and easy process. They typically prefer to sign documents electronically, to spare themselves the hassle of dealing unnecessary paperwork. The Evidos platform provides you with a wide range of identification methods, including iDIN, iDEAL and DigiD. These allow financial institutions such as yours to engage in fast, secure and 100% legally valid online business.

Bram Verheijen

(product- and marketmanager BNP Paribas Personal Finance)
bram verheijen
‘To us, the switch to Evidos meant giving electronic effect to the well-known financial industry mantra of “know your customer”.’

Our solution for BNP Paribas

Financial institutions are expected to have a very good idea of who their customers are. ‘You must be able to establish with certainty who you’re talking to and to which bank account number you’re granting a loan,’ says Bram Verheijen, a product and marketing manager with BNP Paribas Personal Finance Nederland. When granting people personal loans, BNP Paribas Personal Finance has all the documents signed through iDIN via the Evidos platform. This tells them exactly who their customers are. ‘Since we’re completely certain who we’re dealing with, we can prevent fraud’, says Verheijen. ‘We work in close cooperation with Evidos to be able to further optimise our customer journey.’

All the advantages at a glance

The advantages of electronic signing via Evidos

Are you still having your clients sign hard copies of your financial agreements? If so, it is time to switch to identity verification and electronic signatures through the Evidos platform.

Documents:credit agreements, leases, annual reports, minutes, letters of agreement, direct debit authorisation forms, insurance policy documents.

  • Electronic identification (no physical presence required)
  • Quick and complete electronic onboarding of new clients
  •  Financial agreements signed within minutes
  • Easy integration with your company’s operating system
  • 100% secure and legally valid

Solutions for your industry


Electronic signature

If you wish to start using a basic service for having your financial agreements signed by email or through a website at once, we recommend using Signhost.


Electronic identification

Electronic identification of new clients. Know your customer’s identity on the basis of locally available electronic identities.


Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to electronically authenticate financial agreements, meaning your clients will automatically receive all their documents in electronic format.

If you wish to learn more about what electronic signatures and electronic identification can do for your organisation, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.