Electronic signing from employment contracts till timesheets

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Electronic signing of employment contracts, withholding tax forms and timesheets

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Modern employers opt for electronic signatures

In the human resources market, it is crucial that work is done quickly. For instance, if an employment contract remains unsigned in a bag for weeks, the employee will not get paid, and both the employer and the employee will face unnecessary risks. From now on, have your employment contracts, withholding tax forms and other agreements signed electronically using the Evidos platform, and spare yourself the tedious process of printing, scanning and emailing documents. You will never have to wait again for an employment contract or withholding tax form to be returned to you by snail mail. This will significantly reduce the amount of work you and your employees will have to do.

Hans van de Ven

(Managing Director Please Payroll)
hans van de ven

‘With the electronic signature we can greatly speed up and facilitate the hiring process for staff‘

Our solution for Please Payroll

Every year, Please Payroll ensures that some twenty thousand employees receive their wages. Please Payroll uses the Evidos platform to sign timesheets and employment contracts. In the words of Hans van de Ven, the Managing Director of Please Payroll: ‘It is absolutely crucial that we act quickly. For instance, people applying for jobs in cafés and restaurants can often start working the day after the job interview.’ The Evidos platform has been fully integrated with Please Payroll’s online portal. Clients can sign their contracts without having to leave their personalised Please Payroll dashboard. Van de Ven: ‘Electronic signatures allow us to significantly speed up and simplify the process of hiring new people.’

All the advantages at a glance

The advantages of electronic signing via Evidos

Are you still having your clients sign hard copies of your employment contracts? If so, it is time to switch to electronic signatures through the Evidos platform.

Documents: employment contracts, withholding tax forms, timesheets.

  • Signed employment contracts will be returned to you within minutes
  • You will be able to verify your employee’s identity with a high degree of certainty
  • Real-time dashboard: a direct insight into outstanding transactions and signed documents
  • Easy integration with your company’s operating system
  • 100% secure and legally valid

Solutions for your industry


Electronic signature

If you wish to start using a basic service allowing you to have your employment contracts signed by email or through a website at once, we recommend using Signhost


Electronic identification

Electronic identification of employees. Have your employees provide proof of their identity on the basis of locally available electronic identities.


Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to electronically authenticate employment contracts, meaning your employees will immediately receive all their documents in electronic format.

If you wish to learn more about what electronic signatures and electronic identification can do for your organisation, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.