Allow your clients to electronically sign property valuation reports, deeds of sale and leases

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Allow your clients to electronically sign property valuation reports, deeds of sale and leases

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Signing real estate contracts could do with some improvement

The housing market is increasingly changing rapidly. Not only are available houses and apartments advertised all over the internet, where anyone can find them, but processes carried out in the real estate sector are increasingly electronic. Nevertheless, many parties active in the real estate sector continue to use hard-copy documents when selling or renting out their properties. The Evidos platform allows your clients to sign documents electronically, meaning you are spared the hassle of printing, scanning and photocopying documents of which you do not actually need any hard copies. Quick, easy and 100% legally valid.

Jeroen Stoop

(Founder and Managing Director of Makelaarsland)

jeroen stoop

‘The Evidos platform has provided us with a secure, fast and modern way of signing documents.’

Our solution for Makelaarsland

Makelaarsland seeks to make things easy and transparent for house buyers at every stage of the purchasing process. In the words of Jeroen Stoop, Makelaarsland’s managing director: ‘Today’s house buyers are a critical bunch, and they like to do things themselves whenever they can, preferably at a time that suits them, and using several different devices. Using the Evidos platform to allow such clients to electronically sign property valuation reports and deeds of sale on whatever device they like helps us meet these clients’ needs. In addition, it was very easy to link the Evidos platform to our own operating system, and the platform allows us to monitor all our transactions, 24/7. In this way, Evidos has given our clients and ourselves the level of convenience we were after.’

All the advantages at a glance

The advantages of electronic signing via Evidos

Are you still having your clients sign hard copies of your agreements? If so, it is time to switch to electronic signatures through the Evidos platform.

Documents: property valuation reports, leases, deeds of sale, agreements concluded with contractors and/or contracts regarding additional work or work reductions.

  • Complete all your sale and lease-related transactions completely on line
  • Have your documents signed electronically wherever and whenever you want
  • Know exactly who is signing your agreement
  • Easy integration with your company’s operating system
  • 100% secure and legally valid

Solutions for your industry


Electronic signature

If you wish to start using a basic service allowing you to have your property valuation reports, deeds of sale or leases signed by email or through a website at once, we recommend using Signhost.


Electronic identification

Electronic identification of new clients. Know exactly who your tenant, lessee or buyer is, on the basis of locally available electronic identities.


Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to electronically authenticate property valuation reports, deeds of sale and leases, meaning your clients will automatically receive all their documents in electronic format.

If you wish to learn more about what electronic signatures and electronic identification can do for your organisation, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.