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Here are a few organisations and SMEs that use our service:

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An electronic signature on your agreements has immediate benefits

Having your clients sign hard copies costs time and money. Having your agreements signed electronically through the Evidos platform is the ideal solution to save money on printing, postage and administration costs immediately. Moreover, it saves you plenty of time as well. Your agreements are signed and returned not within days or even weeks, but within just a few minutes!

Pepijn de Munnik

(HR Adviser at Talent & Pro)
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“Electronic signatures save a lot of time. Whereas it used to take us around two weeks, signing an agreement can now be finalised in one day.”

Our solution for Talent & Pro

Talent & Pro helps young talent get the most out of themselves and their career. It is a thriving organisation that attracts an increasing number of new employees. Signing the employment contracts of these new employees used to be a highly inefficient process, involving quite a bit of printing, scanning and mail. Pepijn de Munnik: “These days, we use the electronic signature service of Evidos. Having documents signed electronically streamlines the process considerably and also makes it much faster.
When a new employee joins us, an employment contract is drawn up automatically. Electronic signatures save Talent & Pro a lot of time and effort. This helps out not just the HR department, but also all other parties that are directly involved.

In addition, the HR department is able to monitor the process closely. You could compare it to a Track & Trace system. If there is a delay, we can see at a glance where in the process this is taking place and take timely action if necessary.”

“Evidos’s GO package allowed us to try out electronic signatures at our leisure.”
All the advantages at a glance

Real-time insight into all your transactions

Evidos gives you an insight into all your outstanding transactions and signed documents, online and in real time. Has the document been viewed yet, and if so, how often? Who has signed it? This way, you will never need to worry about where a document is in the cycle.

In addition, your clients will receive automated reminders, so you will no longer need to chase them by phone or email.

  • Save money on printing, postage, administration and handling costs immediately
  • Agreements signed and returned within two minutes
  • Real-time insight into the status of your transactions
  • Easy to use for both yourself and the signatory/signatories
  • 100% secure and legally valid
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