A more sustainable world: it starts with evidence

To us, corporate social responsibility is a natural and integral part of our company. We strive to make the right, sustainable choices in every aspect of the services we provide. We continually consider how we could structurally improve the sustainability of the methods we use when producing our products and services and also invest in sustainable relationships with our employees, clients, contacts and suppliers.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is always guided by the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Our products and services

Our products and services are intrinsically sustainable. We use our digital signature and identification solutions to encourage companies to do business remotely. This reduces the amount of traffic on the roads and also facilitates a substantial reduction in paper use …

Evidos has handled 6,223,000 transactions to date. We estimate that each of these transactions involved an average of two documents, with 10 pages per document. So, that works out at 124,460,000 pages of paper, 50,000 pages per tree and a total of 2,500 trees. Based on 30 cm per piece of paper, that’s 37,338 kilometres, which is almost enough to reach all the way around the world once (40,000 km).

Employees & chain

We actively involve our employees in our CSR and pursue an open source policy. We hope that this will encourage as many people as possible to contribute to the sustainability of our products and services. We are committed to achieving high-quality, sustainable collaboration with our employees and invest substantially in knowledge, personal development and opportunities for entry-level employees.

We also encourage sustainability throughout the production chain and are always looking for ways to make the different levels in our chain more sustainable. We work with our partners and suppliers to establish whether we are making the right choices. For example, we check how ‘green’ our factory and datacenters are and regularly review whether there are more sustainable alternatives in purchasing our software and hardware. We do all of the above with the object of working step-by-step towards the improvement of the chain as a whole.

Local initiatives

Evidos encourages and activates employees, clients and partners to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Every year, we set aside a budget to facilitate these initiatives and other new local initiatives too. If you as a partner, client or end user have an idea for a great initiative that Evidos could contribute to, please contact us!

To give you an example, we are about to start a project in which we plant one tree for every x (still to be determined) amount of transactions on the Evidos platform. We are currently reviewing exactly how many transactions this will be per tree and where the trees will be planted.

We hope that initiatives like these will enable us to make the world a better place for people today and in the future too.


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If you have a great initiative,

please let us know! Contact us.