Integrate all Evidos services with your own company’s operating system using our API

Easy integration with every system

All services provided by the Evidos platform can be directly integrated with your company’s own operating system. Our easy-to-use API will incorporate electronic signatures, electronic identification and digital certification into your own back-office system. The Evidos platform is compatible with every document-generating operating system. It can easily be integrated with an online portal, mobile app, document management system or any other type of document-generating system.

Easily linked and connected to your system through our API

The Evidos platform can be linked to your system through our API in three different ways: directly through your own website, through a simple link in an email or text message sent by your organisation, or through a request for a signature or identification that we will send to your client or new employee by email.

Connecting your system to our API is easy. All the documents you will need to connect your system are available on line. Our sample code is available in Java, .Net, PHP and Ruby.

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A direct insight into transactions and electronic authentication

Our real-time dashboard provides you with a direct insight into outstanding transactions and signed documents. This allows greater control over the process and prevents transactions going lost. Furthermore, your clients will be sent automated reminders. You will receive a notification as soon as a client has inspected or signed a document, or if a request to sign a document is about to expire. Needless to say, you can request information on the status of any given transaction at any time.

Optimum flexibility and custom-made solutions

The Evidos platform offers clients optimum flexibility regarding integrating electronic signing of documents, electronic identification and digital certification with their own operating system. Our API allows you to directly use any method you wish to use to have your documents signed electronically and verify your clients’ identity. For instance, you can have several documents in several languages simultaneously signed electronically by several signatories at once. You can use several verification methods to do so, such as text messages, iDIN, iDEAL and DigiD.

Moreover, Evidos allows you to modify the signing process as you see fit, depending on the nature of your online process and your requirements. Requests to sign documents can be personalised and formatted in your own corporate identity.


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Our business partners

The Evidos platform is easily linked to various software systems. A list of software companies with which Evidos collaborates can be found here.