iDIN: login, identification and electronic signatures

  • No copies of passports or ID cards needed
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Certainty about the identity of your client
  • Protection against fraud
  • Age verification

The possibilities of iDIN

multiple identification methods

Secure login

Your clients can easily and securely log in with iDIN. With this service, clients no longer need a user name and password.


Electronic identification

From now on, your new clients can identify themselves entirely electronically with iDIN. This service uses the personal details registered at the client’s bank, eliminating the need to save a copy of their passport.

electronic signatures

Have documents signed electronically

Having agreements signed electronically through iDIN not only improves the level of authentication, it also eliminates the need for additional requirements in your identity confirmation process.

electronic signatures

Age verification with iDIN

iDIN allows you to verify a customer’s exact age, since the relevant bank has this information on file. This way, you always have electronic authentication of the customer’s age.


No more copies of passports!

Using hard copies or uploaded scans of IDs for identity confirmation is a thing of the past. iDIN allows you to handle everything instantly in one electronic process. This ensures your compliance with the GDPR and eliminates the need to store copies of passports containing privacy-sensitive data.

In addition, using iDIN will significantly improve your conversion rate. Customers do not like having to share a copy of their passport or ID card due to privacy reasons. All these requirements are also extra steps that the customer does not care for. With iDIN, customers only share the necessary personal data in an easy, fast and secure manner.

Evidos is the Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) for iDIN

Which signing process suits you depends on your target group, the risk level of the transaction and the desired workflow. You can modify the signing process as you see fit, depending on the nature of your online process and your requirements. Requests to sign documents and the signature environment can be personalised and formatted based on your own corporate identity

Documents can be electronically signed through your own website or an email sent by your company. Just determine the number of signatories for each document and the signing order. Signatures can be collected by means of a single mouse click or a quick scrawl on any desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

“The certification is once again proof that our services have a high level of quality and reliability. A certified DISP must meet strict requirements when it comes to guaranteeing an efficient, secure and reliable product.”

Kick Willemse

Co-Founder, Evidos


“When a client signs with iDIN, we immediately obtain all the client information we need, such as the name of the person who opened the account, their postcode and address, and their date of birth.”

Bram Verheijen

Product and marketing manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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