itsme®: login, identification and electronic signatures

  • No copies of passports or ID cards needed
  • No more user names, passwords or card readers
  • Certainty about the identity of your client
  • All features contained in a single app with a single code
  • Prevent fraud and errors

The possibilities of itsme®

multiple identification methods

Secure login

Your clients no longer need user names, passwords or card readers when logging in. They can log in securely with itsme®. One app, one code, no hassle.


Electronic identification

By using online identification with itsme®, your company can be sure of the identity of the person who would like to register with you or confirm a transaction. This can be done easily and securely in the app.

electronic signatures

itsme® Confirm

With itsme® Confirm, your clients can confirm their transactions with an advanced electronic signature by signing via the app. This service can also be combined with other Evidos identification methods.

electronic signatures

itsme® Sign

itsme® Sign allows your clients to sign transactions electronically with a qualified electronic signature. This type of electronic signature has the highest security guarantee.

A unique mobile identity for everyone

A single app and a single code for all your electronic transactions

itsme® is an app that allows anyone with a Belgian e-ID to easily identify themselves online for all electronic transactions, such as making online purchases, logging in, providing electronic signatures or confirming their age online. With this service, each resident of Belgium has a unique, secure mobile identity in a single app with a single code.

“Using itsme® allows the end clients of our clients (financial institutions) to sign contracts electronically using a simple and familiar procedure. Blanco has fully integrated Evidos with the KYC/onboarding solution for asset management. By using the Blanco platform, asset managers can offer digital products that are focused on the user experience and fully compliant with local laws and regulations.”

Koen Vanderhoydonk

CEO, Blanco


Age verification

itsme® allows you to verify a customer’s exact age or perform an 18+ check. This way, you always have electronic authentication of the customer’s age, which is useful when selling products or services that require age verification.